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"I have had severe neck and shoulder pain for years associated with my work. After trying several treatment modalities which only provided short term relief, I had become discouraged and resigned to 'live with it.'

I had been in pain for so long that I just felt like I had become used to it. Sure it would get better at times, but it never really was significantly better until I tried acupuncture. Nothing else has provided the lasting results that I have experienced like this has.

I want to thank Thomas Turpen for helping me. It has literally been like a weight that was lifted from my shoulders. This has allowed me to go on with my life in a renewed and re-engergized way.

Thank you Tom!"

          ---Orest Kowalsky, D.D.S.

"Thomas is a well-seasoned practitioner with experience in the United States and China, and has performed thousands of acupuncture procedures. His area of greatest interest is the practice of physical medicine and pain management. His expertise in this area will be of significant help to your patients that have musculoskeletal pain problems, acute or chronic. By combining the latest scientific models of acupuncture and a classical Chinese approach, he is able to achieve significant results with very difficult pain problems.

As a physician acupuncturist and medical director, I feel very confident in referring patients into his care. He is an excellent communicator and is extremely respectful of the physician-patient relationship. I trust his knowledge, ability, and his acupuncture expertise."

          ---Stevan A. Walkowski, D.O.
                 (from a letter written to physician colleagues)

“Tom is a thorough professional. He listens to all your health issues and explains what he is treating during your session.” 6/6/2016

"I was very pleasantly surprised. I was very nervous at first but you put me at ease... Thank you for your patience. am looking forward to my next visit."  4/22/2016

"Good experience and very professional ."  4/4/2016

"I had tried acupuncture before at a different place and was not too impressed. You were much more thorough and involved in the process and willing to help with my specific problem. Thank you and I will be back...Many times." -- March 22, 2012

"Thanks for offering a Groupon and encouraging me to try acupuncture. I will definitely keep getting treatments here." --  March 21, 2012

"Thanks for helping me with my pain." --   March 21, 2012

"I liked the honesty. This was my first acupuncture experience and you made it a good one. You have definitely made me a loyal patient." -- February 22, 2012

"Great, clean, sterile atmosphere and facility. Tom Turpen is well-educated and professional. Does a great job explaining things and how it works etc. I would highly recommend giving acupuncture a try as an alternate form of care." -- February 1, 2012

"I've been looking for an acupuncturist who works with trigger points for a long time. I had one session with Tom Turpen and it was fantastic; better trigger point relief than I've ever  gotten from massage, stretching, or PT. I'm going back this week."  --  January 22, 2012

"Tom was awesome!!! Haven't felt this good in a long time." -- Living Social User

"Prior to my regular appointments at Arlington Acupuncture Clinic, I had a year long battle with sinus infections and allergy problems.  I saw Ear Nose and Throat specialists; each of whom simply suggested longer runs of antibiotics to cure the recurrent infections.  Tired of a lack of results from western doctors, I sought the help of acupuncture.  To my surprise,  I saw results very quickly!  My allergies were markedly reduced; and to date I've had virtually no sinus infections!"     ---D.B. , Science Teacher

“I found Tom Turpen and his acupuncture practice through simple good fortune. I also learned what a difference someone like him, with more extensive training, can make. I had been to another acupuncturist, a D.O. with less training, and while the results were good, they were not nearly AS good nor as widely applicable as what I see from Tom.”  ---L.F. , Dance Instructor

"I went to Tom Turpen with a few pinched nerves in the neck and rotator cuff problems with my arms and hands going numb on me all the time. Being that I am a drummer, that doesn't work to well. The pinched nerves in my neck prevented me from sleeping very well due to tension headaches I would get from them. I'm glad to say that he helped me greatly with his treatments. I'm back to playing again full time and don't have the headaches anymore. I also have more range of motion as far as my neck and shoulders go. Overall it was a great help to me in what I do, and what I can do now again from the treatment I received from  Tom Turpen."  ---D.Z. , Muscian

"Initially skeptical about acupuncture, I have found that it has been very successful with the pain in my shoulders and neck.  I would recommend it to anyone that has never found relief from conventional methods."   ---N.V.

"I have utilized Tom’s services twice now in the past two years for two completely different issues.  I have to say he has helped me greatly with both. During the second issue I was seeing him for, he suggested hypnosis in addition to acupuncture; and it truly worked and right away.  I was amazed at how well and quickly the hypnosis worked.  If you are at the end of your rope and have nowhere else to turn, give acupuncture a try."  ---M.S.

“He is fabulous!! He is very skilled and knowledgeable in his field of expertise; and I highly recommend him to anyone. I had been going to him for sciatica, bursitis and back problems and he "fixed" that. Now he is now helping me with ongoing chronic pain associated with my fibromyalgia and Sjogrens Syndrome. Call him. He will answer honestly any questions or concerns you may have. He is a very nice, sincere person and a healer at his core. Try this method to find relief from any pain you may experience. He has been the only person in the medical field to listen to me and actively address my personal pain problems. I love him and acupuncture!”  ---S.C.
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